# Change Log - 2023-09-02: - Now includes subtitles when they exist for a book - Added functionality to include link to posts I've written about books I've read (I've only added a few links, but more will come over time) - 2023-06-09: A new [[frequent-list|list of frequently read books and authors]] is now available - 2023-04-30: All of the pages here are now generated automatically from a Wolfram Language script I wrote. Recent updates include: - an all new [[About the List]] page - an all new [[Reading Stats]] page with lots of cool charts - 2023-03-11: Added [[Books I Read Before 1996]] page - 2022-11-21: Added the [[Guilty Pleasure Reading]] page - 2022-11-15: New version of my reading list is released in basic form using Obsidian Publish. See: A Simple, Unified Reading List in Obsidian Publish